The logo was designed to portray a sense of authority while remaining approachable and not too sterile.
The insignia was intentionally discreet, allowing it to be reused among sibling products.
The parent company insignia was designed to be somewhat discreet, allowing it to be adapted to several sibling brands subsidiary products under the MyTotalHealth umbrella.
Mike's first task upon joining MyTotalHealth was designing and implementing the largest Gi survey ever conducted. The survey was exceptionally successful and provided Gi physicians around the world with previously unknown data about Gi sufferers.
Following the Gi survey, I began the process of reimagining the MyGiHealth website starting with the homepage.  Based on conversion data for the existing homepage, I identified 3 goals for the redesign:
1) Clearly delineate the primary call-to-action from others
2) Present the value proposition as concisely as possible
3) Design a UI with a modern/minimalistic look & feel
Below is the resulting page that I designed and implemented in ReactJS
The Learning Center included a number of educational resources explaining common Gi concerns. I seized the opportunity to build an interactive diagram that visually demonstrated how symptoms affect the body. 
Redesigning the user "dashboard" presented its own challenges. This page displayed the user's history along with visualizations and personalized messages (including advisories to visit a doctor):
A handful of other pages on the site:
Below is a selection of social media collateral & advertisements I produced for MTH and partners:
A complete redesign of the existing iOS app was my biggest challenge. Working closely with the CEO & CTO, I produced what would become MyGiHealth 2.0.  Below is a complete view of the final product:
A couple of examples of printed collateral I designed:
I was also responsible for producing the company pitch deck, which underwent numerous iterations during my tenure: 


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